Mas-du-Clos - New regulations

Homologated after market exhausts WITH dB-killers authorised - 95 dB max.

The use of the track and the infrastructure of the Circuit of Mas du Clos involves automatically the unconditional acceptance of the new regulations which you can find here in its complete version (in case of discussion, it is this version which counts).

The most important points of these new regulations are:

  • Today, the spirit of "free riding" animates the circuit of Mas du Clos.

Indeed, to be in phase with this spirit, you must comply with this philosophy:
"I ride for myself, without the intention to prove my own capabilities or the performance of my motorcycle, without the intention to improve my own capabilities or the performance of my motorcycle, and without a competitive spirit."

  • No instruction.
  • Timing is strictly forbidden.
  • Every pilot will have to have a valid driving license, that is not withdrawn at the moment.
  • Tolerated noise emission norm: 95 dB at standstill at 60 % of maximal rev count.
  • It’s prohibited to walk along the trackside and to cross the limits of the Circuit of Mas du Clos.
  • Obligation to throw al your waste in the bins that are placed on the site for that purpose
  • Prohibited to urinate outside the toilets.
  • From the moment you enter the paddock, you must ride at a walking pace, and this for the whole duration of the event.
  • Pedestrians, cyclists, pocket bikes are not allowed in front of the stands which are exclusively reserved for the pilots.
  • No power (electricity) points available in the paddock, bring a generator along if needed.
  • Dust-bins and ashtrays are available in the paddock : make good use of them.
  • After 8PM it has to be quiet, no exceptions will be tolerated.
  • Bringing along as well as consuming alcoholic drinks and drugs at the circuit infrastructure is strictly forbidden.
  • For security reasons, barbecues are not allowed, as well as lighting any type of fire.
  • Riding pocket bikes, roller skates, scooters, bycicles... is forbidden for everyone.
  • Everyone will obligatory and scrupulously resepct the orders, given by the track director or any other official of the Circuit of Mas-du-Clos.
  • Camping in the paddock is allowed:
    • outside the opening hours of the circuit, the access to the circuit will be closed with automatic barrier with an access code.
    • please mind the neighbours, keep it quiet at night